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6th- Private event
7th-11th- Steamboat Music Fest
16th- Railhead BBQ w/ Randy Brown, Willow Park, TX
20th- Wine event
21st-Feb 4th- Key West, FL

23rd - Hanks 6:30-8pm

24th - Hanks 4-5:45pm

29th SmokinTuna 12:15-1:45pm

30th SmokinTuna 12:15-1:45pm


2nd SmokinTuna 12:15-1:45pm

9th- Private event, San Antonio full band
10th- KC Hall, Alice TX full band
17th- Pre-cookoff party full band
22nd-24th- HLSR Cookoff Full band
22nd- National Anthem HLSR horse arena 
27th-29th- HLSR International room
29th- HLSR Coral Club full band



1st-3rd- HLSR International room
1st & 2nd- HLSR Coral Club full band
2nd- National Anthem HLSR Ranch Rodeo finals



4th-6th- Legends of Music Row Festival, Key West, FL
13th- Melbourne, Australia
27th- Pickin Tha Hunt with Jason Allen/DNA Outdoors fundraiser 

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